Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hachinohe Horses

So this is probably not a big deal to anyone - unless you are all about Japanese souveniors. 

The new shopette opened on Misawa Monday.  I just HAD to be there on the opening day!  I just needed to know what incredible sells they were having on stuff I truly didn't need. (a moment of personal truth for myself

Elijah were coming from the post office. He had just received a letter from Nana, my mom, and had to read it while he was walking across the parking lot.  He even ran into these HUGE horses because he was paying attention to the letter rather than where he was walking. 

Nevertheless, these are called Hachinohe horses.
  You are probably thinking how in the world did he run into those HUGE horses. Yeah I thought the same thing.   My precious son :) 


DKBTLT said...

Love...are they just pretty or is there a reason for them? Are they on base?

ps...need anything from the states?

The Breaux Family said...

Ohh are the sweetest person ever! I don't need anything, but for you to keep in touch with me:)

Unless you can send me a chik-fil-a breakfast biscuit sandwich!