Sunday, December 6, 2009

MY Christmas Party

Let me just start off this post by saying I had a lot of fun last night! I didn't expect to have that much fun either. I mean last year's party was TOTALLY LAME! Really it was! Last year we were at a log cabin kind of building - potluck style and sang Christmas carols with the entire staff while the 2 music teachers played the accordian and recorder. The topper last year was that afterwards we were streamlined, like cattle, down a hill to an open field where there was a bonfire (it was snowy and C -O-L-D) and roasted marshmallows. Really? Who does that?

So this year I am on the social committee (along with many different members than last year) and we rented out the Officer's Club ballroom, buffet style dinner with a semi-formal dress code. We had a scavenger hunt too. It was so much fun! I learned a new country line dance. We took dollar votes to see what staff member people wanted to see dress up as Santa....raising over $100 for Toys for Tots!

Anyway, here are the pics......Eddie's Christmas party is next week:)

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