Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall in the beautiful Oirase Gorge

Let me just start by going on record: I am going to miss this place!
Northern Japan is so incredibly beautiful during all seasons!

We took a short drive up north to the Oirase Gorge this weekend with some girlfriends of mine. We were gone all day and Elijah and I were T.I.R.E.D. when we got home. It was really pretty and we got to eat some tasty Ramen noodles!

Check out the fish on a stick - it's cooking right there! There are hot coals that a sweet, older lady fans to help smoke the fish.

The water in the lake is crystal clear - it's melted snow from the surrounding mountains. That water was about 18 inches deep!

This is called Temple Island.

No I didn't feel like doing my hair, hence the hat....let's just move one......

Elijah looks so grown in this pic!

That gigantic rock is supported by a single tree! There is a legend that an old lady used to live there.......

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Jenny Girl said...

Girl, it looks coooooold there. Cute new pics :)