Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pretty difficult to bite an apple now!

HALLELUJAH! Elijah finally lost his other front tooth! He lost it Dec 27! It was kinda gross -- he was eating chicken wings and the tooth was so lose it twisted in his mouth 90 degrees. He tried to keep chewing. Huh? Yep, he tried to keep chewing with his front tooth twisted?!
Eddie spots the problem and goes in for the 'pull'!

Look of distress from Elijah ...... I love these captured moments!
Still a bit distressed, but realizing that he wasn't bleeding - he mustard a smile for the camera!

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kimbasa said...

1. girl- you totally stole my background....
2. that last picture of elijah...i almost woke up jude b/c i laughed OUT loud at how ASHY his face looks!
3. i miss you guys!