Monday, November 23, 2009

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar...

No lie!  Japan has the coolest snacks EVER! 

My new craze is trying to find the newest flavored Kit Kats.

So please understand that I do not like chocolate very much.  I mean it's just okay to me....I am not one of those people that loooooves chocolate.  I would much rather have a handful of gummy bears.

Eddie actually eats VERY little chocolate a year....less than 16oz, but we both really like these flavored Kit Kats.  The reason:  they are made of white chocolate and infused with unique flavors.

Here in Japan, the Japanese have mastered Kit Kats...they have flavors that are so unique, sound bizarre, but taste DE-LEC-TABLE!

 - watermelon 
 - creme brulle
 - green tea
- apple cider vinegar (the best so far)
- buttered potato
- corn soup
- Tokyo has a soy sauce flavor (haven't tried it yet)  
 - This list goes on and on!  

Here are a few that we actually found lately.

MY FAV!  Ginger Ale flavored
Yummy!  Royal Milk Tea....sort of like a tea flavor with milk
top: caramel salt
bottom: sweet potato

Hey you guys:  I was skeptical at first all now that one thing I know is good food! We'll have to snag some up when (if) we ever make it back to America to share:)


kimbasa said...

it still scares me!

DKBTLT said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I am assuming they have the same crunchy consistency but w/ flavored sugared white chocolate? cool!

La Mama said...

YUM :) (except for the soy sauce one!)

Jaime said...

Those flavors are outrageous! I am all about chocolate... I would totally try them at least.

The Breaux Family said...

Way to be a trooper Jaime!