Sunday, November 15, 2009

Misawa Air Show

 ...okay I have been slacking. We really haven't done anything too thrilling lately, so I haven't updated the blog.

However, we did go to the Misawa Air Show a few weeks ago (I know's late, I would rather sit on the couch with Eddie and Elijah than edit photos lately)  

There were a BAZILLION Japanese on the base.  Truly, there were a BAZILLION!  Believe me when I say Japanese people love American the sum of buying up items marked WAY up.  There was a line that was about 90 min long for Burger King and 60 minutes long for Popeye's Chicken....really?  The air show is one day......Anthony's Pizza grossed $55, lie!

Yet and still the Japanese people were still the most polite guests ever!  

...this is what a BAZILLION Japanese people looks like!
The Air Force Thuderbirds

...I am not going to lie....I was pretty proud of the shots I was able to capture with my camera!

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