Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japan is still cleaning up after the 4th strongest earthquake in recorded history

It seems like the March 11th earthquake was a long time ago. The media has stopped airing coverage of the devastation, but the recovery efforts are very much still underway. This past weekend we went to a beach that we have been to several times to walk around. This beach is roughly 8 minutes from our house. Elijah has picked seashells here before, climbed the tower over and over again, played in the sand, etc. We were surprised to see so it in the condition it was in ......
A beautiful landmark on our way through the woods to our beach.

This sign was not covered by sand like this prior to March 11th
This stand used to hold a replica plane of Miss Veedol. The first plane to take a trans-Pacific flight. It was washed away during the tsunami. Part of it was behind me (picture below) and the other part was about 200 feet away by the tree line.

This asphalt was lined up with a smooth decline of the sand, that gradually went down into the coastline. Now it's a 5ft drop!

Even the concrete barrier separated during the quake.
Please continue to pray for the recovery efforts of such a beautiful country!


Jenny Girl said...

wow. be careful. thanks for posting.

Jaime said...

That is amazing it happened only minutes from your home! And even though it's completely damaged, the country still looks beautiful in your pictures.