Monday, February 9, 2009

Sapporo Snow Festival

So have you all ever seen those forwarded emails with the pics of huge snow and ice sculptures? We went to the island north of us this weekend to see the hundreds of snow and ice sculptures -- it was the 60th anniversary of the festival. We left home at 9pm Thursday night on a ferry, got there.

Friday at 6:30am, went to a native Shiraoi Ainu Village, Otaru City Tour, Sapporo City Tour, Sapporo Ice Festival tour all on Friday.

Saturday we went to a morning seafood market, Sapporo Snow Park, Sapporo Beer Museum and cooked mongolian barbeque, Mt. Okura Olympic Ski Jump stadium and sports museum, Shikotsu Lake Ice Festival, Tomokomai Shopping Mall and back to the ferry at 8pm

We arrived back in our house at 5:45 am! A whirlwind of a weekend and Elijah stayed with it all weekend! We would do it all over again - AWESOME TRIP!!
Here are some pics:

Elijah's igloo

sliding down the ice slide - like a penguin!

Eddie cooks mongolian bbq!

The Sapporo Beer Bear ice sculpture

at the Mt. Okura Olympic Ski Jump Stadium

He was scared to pick up the live crab

Tokyo Disney's 25th anniversary snow sculpture

Olympic - Michael Phelps- snow sculpture
The Breaux Family and the Japanese natives

They were drying salmon OUTSIDE - because it was so cold they didn't need refrigeration!

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DKBTLT said...

The snow is just beautiful! I love pictures where you can see the snow falling! How are things going? Anything new? exciting? like news about coming home? I know, I know...not going to happen.