Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Rice Planting Time

Here are the pics I promised....
This is what the rice plant looks like when we put it in the wet fields

I LOVE older Japanese ladies! Here is one walking between the rice fields
A rice field after it is all planted
the rice plants before we put them on the machine
Can you believe that MANY people still plant rice by hand! The farmers we went to visit had several rice fields so they had a machine. The machine automatically sticks a few rice plants in the mud
Elijah got the chance to drive the tractor...with a bit of help ...he couldn't reach the peddle


Jenny Girl said...

That is so cool you guys got to do that! New page background??

The Breaux Family said...

he he he I have been thinking of changing the background, Jenn......hmmm? I'll try:)

kimbasa said...

LOVE these pictures!!!