Monday, May 30, 2011

Now that's what I call REAL sushi!

We have eaten sushi several times here in Japan...we ate it in America too. WE (yep, all three of us) love it! So we had to try a restaurant I heard about that has the BEST sushi in Misawa! We call it Fear Factor Sushi!

REAL wasabi -- YUM-O!

all different kinds of raw fish...DELISH!!
The course we have been waiting for -- LIVE fish!
Another large variety if fish...this time the shrimp in the middle was still alive! REALLY - it was moving its tentacles and dies about 8 min later and then the sushi chef pulled the tail off and I ATE IT!! It was sweet tasting :)


kimbasa said... lol! i can't even handle this post! ;)

The Breaux Family said...

LOL! I am still confused as too how you are 1/2 Asian and don't like seafood....WOW...what a stereotype!