Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweltering Heat!

August is a HOT, HOT month! It's not just hot here, we have humidity like nobody's business! I mean when the temp is 95 degrees and humidity is circa's uncomfortable BUT I find it even more difficult to count my many blessing when we live on the 5th floor of an apartment tower without any air conditioning in here. (just being honest)

So the good thing this year is that it is not as hot as it was last year. This is the first August that Eddie has had to experience the heat. I must admit .......... it kinda makes me giggle. He has always been someplace else when the August heat hits.

Long story short, this is what homemade A/C looks like here in Misawa.

To my lovely Phoenix friends: There is a MASSIVE difference between Phoenix heat and this heat. Neither is better than the other - but trying to sleep with 3 fans blowing in one room that is already hot and humid doesn't make me feel like Sleeping Beauty at all:) ha ha ha

I can't complain because we do have free heat in the winter!

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Jenny Girl said...

You guys are troopers. Giant bugs, earthquakes, no ac. Wow!