Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deck the Halls......

So we FINALLY decorated for Christmas! YEAH! I have been waiting for what seems like forever to decorate too. We couldn't decorate last year because our household goods were not here yet from America. We couldn't buy anything because there was NOTHING left to buy at the BX there we no lights, no tree, no nativity scene.....but hey we still had each a NEW FOREIGN LAND! So I went on a personal mission after Christmas to ensure we had all the trimmings for Christmas '08! Just so you know there is ONE Internet company that delivers Christmas trees to APO addresses! Way to go to - military families really appreciate you!

Here are some pics for you.......I am sure no one is excited as we (actually just Eddie and I) are about these decorations. Oh course had to start the decorations with the reason for it all!
Eddie worked for 3 1/2 hours to get this 7' tree up and all the plugs correctly plugged in. Eddie is a VERY handy guy too................but there were a lot of cords ...I MEAN A LOT!! Elijah decorated the bottom half...actually after 4 bulbs he got bored and heard his friends playing outside so he quickly put up the rest of his decorations in the same 12x12 inch square area.Add ImageOh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas lovely are your branches! I barely got Elijah to stand still long enough to take this pic.......his friends were at the door!


DKBTLT said...

I am so proud of you Lovie Dove! We have not even decorated yet! The tree is beautiful. I bet it feels more like christmas w/ the snow! Every morning Lucy has to look out the window to see if it has snowed. She just will not listen that that will NEVER happen. :-)

kimbasa said...

Oh Love...I meant to write yesterday...but you've officially been there for a year... sigh. One down...three to go! It was a sad sad sad sad sad sad day this time last year... :( And it's a sad sad sad sad sad day today! Miss your face! Your decorations are beautiful!

PS- totally got the Wii candy! LOL- that. was. awesome!!! For sure- let's play soon!