Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This year's first day of SNOW......

Today was the first 'official' day of snow in Misawa. When I woke up to go to the gym at 4:30 am it was raining....coming home from the gym at 6am it was raining.......walking out to school with Elijah at 7:30am it was snowing!!

So last year while we were here it snowed a total of 183 inches. Let's see what this year has in store!

Elijah was excited that it finally started snowing.......he is trying to catch the first few snow flakes of the year.
It snowed all day...LITERALLY! A total of 3.5 inches. I always thought full moons effected students' behavior....try the 1st day of snow! I literally had to close my classroom blinds to get the kids to focus on dividing didn't work ......they just peeked through the blinds. One of the boys almost got his head stuck in there!

P.S. The grounds, trees and cars are all covered with snow -- they are forecasting snow for the next 5 days! What a wonderful time of the year - snow makes everything look so peaceful!


DKBTLT said...

WOW!!! I am so jealous. Lucy can not wait to see snow. She runs around the house with her winter hat on and will drop to the floor to make fake snow angels.

Jaime said...

The snow is cool. I remember the first snows from living in Flagstaff. What gets me is that you said you get up for the gym at 4:30. Wow.... wow. I could try and plan that, but in actuality it would never happen. Good for you!

kimbasa said...

i remember the sn.... i don't. :( i remember dust devils and tumbleweed though! :)

Angela said...

Hey Love,

The boy almost getting his head stuck in the blinds reminded me of you GETTING (not almost) your head stuck in a chair!!!