Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks Grandma!

So growing up my Grandma from California was a great life skills teacher. Every summer growing up, I flew out to California from Georgia for the entire summer. I stayed with my Papa and Grandma for almost 3 months. I learned a lot there:

1. How to earn $$ honestly (We had chores and had to complete the chores correctly in order to get paid)

2. How to budget $$ (I was given a sum of money to purchase school clothes for the next school year - I was a penny pincher and made it last,and last and last)

3. How to cook dinner (We had a day a week that we had to cook for everyone else) Of course I started with chili dogs....I have gotten progressively better!

4. Family dinner time was required - we all had to be there and NO TV COULD BE ON IN ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE.

Anyhow, this morning I put on a sweater that my Grandma crocheted for my Papa a whole lot of years ago -- if I had to guess I would say 25+ years old. My Grandma gave it to me awhile ago. I was SUPER proud to wear it to school. I told both my classes that my Grandma crocheted it for my Papa when he was alive. They were pretty amazed, because the sweater is more than twice as old as they are!

Thank you Grandma for all you have done for me! I love you!


kimbasa said...

:) Love it!

PS- saw the title of the most recent blog of "Stuff Black People Love" LOL that's awesome- b/c "Celebration" Eddie used to always say that!

Jaime said...

Love the sweater. I would totally wear that. I think I actually did in high school... something similar anyway, and so not homemade. I was trend setter. :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Love,

Thank you for the compliment. That vest was crocheted before you were born. It was the first year I learned to crochet and I crocheted gifts for everyone. Started in January and finished Christmas eve. Angela says you and her have something in common. You both think it was great that I didn't spoil grandchildren too badly. She is here right now teaching me how to comment.