Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to say Pop Rocks in Japanese

Eddie and Elijah LOVE candy.

They don't just like it.....they for real love it. One of Elijah's favorite candies is Pop Rocks. My mom usually sends him because we couldn't find them here.

On Saturday, Elijah and I were scouting out new farmer's markets. (WE HIT THE JACKPOT WITH ONE!!) Anyway, Elijah picked out some candy and he noticed that the package was similiar to Pop Rocks from America. We bought it and tried it. He is so sweet that he won't admit that he doesn't like them, but Eddie and I think he doesn't care for them that much. He hasn't even finished the ONE he had. They were EXTRA "POPPY"! Is that a word?

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DKBTLT said...

How interesting! I wonder who had them first. Are there any other candies you have found that are similar? When we were in Japan, we lived off base and I guess my brother use to go steal fresh sugar cane from a local farm. I would love to try that!