Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catching Live Salmon with our HANDS!

So we traveled to the Rokkasado Salmon Festival on Sunday! I was OVERLY excited!!! Since we got here a year ago, I have wanted to go to this festival! You get to catch LIVE salmon with your hands that are swimming around in calf high water! All three of us suited up in our rain boots and went in. Check out the timeline of events:
10:45 - Love waits in line to enter the pool. I talked a BIG (I MEAN BIG) game to everyone around me! There was NO fear in my voice! I couldn't wait to catch my lunch!
11:00 - WHISTLE was blown and salmon catching started! I screamed and froze in the water. I could feel the fish swimming through my legs and around my boots! I turned around to get out the water....I looked at Elijah and he was 'in it to win it'! He was being so brave and sticking BOTH hands in the water! I felt ashamed and turned around to catch a fish for real. I had to take 2 deep breaths and pray silently for strength to get this done! (I AM NOT JOKING!!) I don't like animals of any kinds, let alone live ones that are swimming between my two feet!
11:03 - whistle blown again to stop catching - I had 1 and Eddie had 2. I was sooooo proud of myself! SO, SO, SOOOO proud of myself! Eddie caught one for Elijah....what a good Daddy!
My PROUD catch! I was more proud of myself catching a fish then when I finished grad school! Can you tell with the cheesy smile!?
Eddie's great catch! He caught the biggest one! The Japanese TV stations filmed him!They cut our fish into fillets and one into steaks. Hmmmm okay so I know it was a lot of blood huh? Elijah didn't like this part. He sad he didn't like that the body still moved after the head was chopped off. We had 2 females and 1 male. Both the females had sacks of eggs. There were LINES of Japanese people that wanted our eggs....we gladly gave them away. It's a Japanese delicacy. Elijah tried some of the eggs and said they were good. Eddie and I have had them before...they were a bit salty for us.
1:00 pm lunchtime! Now that is a FRESH catch! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! This was the freshest fish we ever had! Can't wait til next year! We would love to bring any and all visitors down for some salmon catching fun if you are in town during the festival.


D, K, L, T, and Always B & T said...

Elijah is so lucky to be able to do all these things! I miss you like crazy. I guess i have been trying the avoid the situation technique but it is not working. How is work going? I am totally jelious of your mommasan. Mom loved hers when she was in Japan.

kimbasa said...

LOL- I was wondering how the whole- an animal too...thing was going to go! LMAO! Awesomeness that Elijah was braver than you! LOLOLOL :)

PS- He has to have more fuzz on his head for a mohawk! lol

kimbasa said...

ps again- love your cheezy grin w/ your fish!!!


You finally pimped your blog!!! Looks great!