Tuesday, October 7, 2008

voluntary nap time

This weekend we went out for a family outing. We went to Veedol Beach. It's about 20 minutes from the base. It's the site of the first trans-Pacific flight. So there is a model of the airplane that was flown, a huge tower to walk up and of course miles of open beach space.
Elijah jumped out the truck and watched a group of Japanese men fly model planes high in the air and do tricks. I have to admit it was pretty cool!
Then he drew pictures of Naruto (Japanese cartoon character) in the sand.
Afterwards, we walked out on the peir .......... Elijah was very hesitant, but he mustarded through it.
Finally we walked up the stairs of the lookout tower. So we went home, ate pizza and of course Eddie and I took a nap. Elijah was playing in his room. We asked him if he was tired. (Come on .....what were we thinking.......he has never said yes!)
I woke up 45 minutes later to COMPLETE silence in the house! Please understand that Elijah does not do silence in ANY form! He loves to make noise. I walked in his room and I found him asleep! Wow, I was shocked that he voluntarily took a nap. Right after I snapped the picture he opened his eyes and was ready to play again.

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