Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Eddie has been on this kick to buy Jordans for himself lately. I don't understand ... I mean the man has been retired for awhile now? Hmmm I guess he feels the same way about my purse fetish huh? Ohhh sorry I digress!

Today I brought home Elijah's first pair of Jordans. He was too excited. He asked me to take a picture of his new shoes and put it on the blog. I am pretty sure no one cares...but he asked me to do it.


kimbasa said...

sigh- i miss you guys! his shoes are pretty ...dope? hmmm...trying to think of an old school word for old school jordans!...i know...i'm SUCH a dork. but, i miss you guys!

Derrick Logan said...

I care... those shoes are tizz-ite!

Miss hangin with you guys... find a good church yet?

Jenny Girl said...

I think it's a guy thang. For real. Although, you know if Nayibe got a really cute pair of sandals, she'd probably put them on her blog, too!