Friday, October 24, 2008

Superwoman?....I am NOT!

Okay so I know I have totally slacked on the blogging lately. You must be thinking:
1. What's up?
2. She is in Misawa.......How busy could she possibly be?

I know, I know it seems like I and the whole family have been in 6th gear for the past 2 weeks. So after talking to Eddie about me not being superwoman -- mind you he has NEVER expected me to be....perhaps it was false expectations I had on myself?? hmmmm

Could that be some residual Christian guilt?

Anyway we decided to get a mamasan. Basically a Japanese housekeeper. She will come once a week and stay all day. I will see how it works out next week. This would be such a help to me:) Just think of all the time that just got freed up because I don't have to scrub a toilet, shower walls, change sheets, wash or fold clothes! YEAH -- More family time!

I NEVER thought I would be one to get a housekeeper either! Whew I just don't know how MY MOM did it with 6 girls, husband in the military and she worked! Hats off to you Mom!


Jenny Girl said...

Housekeeper? If I worked, I'd probably get one, too. But can you imagine me working? I just love my pjs too much. ROFL

Jaime said...

Wow! I'm so envious! I hope you totally enjoy that... and think of me slaving away... Well, so I don't really do much of that. I will never win any awards for housekeeper of the year, or even master chef for that matter. My poor family. :)