Saturday, September 27, 2008

a delicate moment of truth

One of our neighbors' mother is currently deployed. We were talking about her being gone away from her family with Elijah during lunch today. Here is our conversation.

"She is a solider and she is fighting bad guys. She might die" said Elijah.

"Really? Where did you get that information from Elijah?" replied Mom.

"The TV" Elijah responded.

"Oh.. okay... then is Daddy a soldier?" asked Mom.

"No, he is just a man that goes to work and makes money for our family" he said while eating his soup.

"Hmmm....well why does he wear a uniform to work everyday?" Mom asked.

"So he doesn't look differently then other people who are going to work" he simply states.

"Elijah, Daddy is in the Air Force right?" Mom ask.

"Well...yes he is, but he......." pausing he turns to his Dad, "Daddy, are the bad guys going to kill you?"

"Oh no Elijah God will protect me while I am away from you guys" Eddie responded.

"That's because God is strong and he will help you fight the bad guys Daddy" Elijah responded with a smile on his face.

This was a very unexpected conversation during lunch today. It turned out just fine though. With Eddie's upcoming deployment, we are trying to get Elijah ready and we decided that we need to get him talking about what is going on in the world -- at a 6 year old level of course.

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kimbasa said...

When and where is he being deployed?!?! Iraq deployed?!?!