Monday, September 15, 2008

Well needed time off!

I am so jazzed to tell you all that Eddie got a day off. Okay you may not understand the hugeness of this fact!

I work until 4 pm Mon-Fri. Eddie goes to work at 2pm and gets off when I am fast asleep. Ohh ...sadness....we usually don't see each other until the weekend. Hmmm this weekend he had weekend duty for 13 hours each day...ARGHHH! So in order for us to see him we had to go to his job to see him. It's all good though. He called me at work and told me he had the day off!

YEPEE! It was so nice! We all went to the park and watched Elijah play with other children for awhile and went for (what else?) sushi! Okay so this was the coolest sushi place I have ever been to here! All the sushi was 105 yen, which doesn't mean much to you all, but was a really good price. It's brand new and they have a sushi carousel. It's pretty cool because you can order what you want and then it comes in this train to your table...oh wait..I digress!

The much needed family time was great! Elijah sat SUPER close to Eddie at dinner...yes he LOOOVES sushi too -- even the raw kind!

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kimbasa said...

i'm disappointed that you didn't have a sitter for elijah... lol ;)