Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picture Day!!

Elijah's picture day was today.

You know I found it super strange that I work in a school with 886 students and the picture time period for the school is 3 DAYS LONG! Huh? I wondered why it spanned over such an extended period of time....I saw the reason today.....there was 1 photographer! HUH? Well, I guess I don't live in America anymore. (Kim, I think the plane ticket would be so worth it-you would rake up the $$$$)

I decided that Elijah was going to rock a white shirt and vest for pictures. I know, I know...I sent another outfit with him to change into afterwards. He is just so handsome. I have to show him off!

So the tree pose may have worked for Kim Logan Photography...but I just couldn't get him to look natural.

Yes my first touch of sephia!

Oh my lil ham! He has never met a camera he didn't like!

So flippin' handsome!

I am so very thankful for him. He makes me laugh and smile everyday!

P.S. He really took the pictures so his Nana could see him in his outfit!

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kimbasa said...

did you bribe him, w/ candy?! :)