Sunday, September 28, 2008

...when in Rome.....

So we have 1 high school on base and this weekend was their homecoming game (they play other American schools around Japan). So since we are not in America they had to 'hype' up homecoming in a way that was very unique to our location.

The high school has a homecoming parade around the base. They have pick up truck that are decorated like floats, fire trucks, Elmo (not sure how he fit in to the mix?), golf carts and such, but the best thing was there was a super LARGE snow plow truck in the parade???? No it's not snowing just yet?

So the parade route is set and we were 'asked' to bring our students out to cheer on the parade. Please imagine this with me.......a LARGE amount of elementary school students hanging on to the gate cheering, jumping, yelling as high schoolers throw out candy from the passing floats! OHHHH I can see all the teachers shaking their heads as they read this!

It was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!! Our students were soooo excited about candy and were running around like wild animals to collect it! The teachers were standing behind them, eyes wide open and shaking our heads in amazement.

The great thing is once the parade was over.....all the kids lined back up....came inside to finish the math lesson and went through the rest of the day like normal.

I thought it was great that the high school tries so hard to make their students have memorable experiences in high school overseas.

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kimbasa said...

1. You've always been klp's biggest fan! :) I wish I could come down there!!!
2. We've gotta pimp your blog's embarrasing! :P