Saturday, September 6, 2008

A 'virtual' workout

Yep another Wii story:

Eddie picked up a new Wii game this week....Summer Athletics. He was sooooo excited he called my classroom to tell me about it! We played Saturday night together. I just don't get it? I was really struggling to run the 100 meter and hurdles. I finally decided to throw in the towel (perhaps it's a virtual towel huh?). Eddie continued to play.

He was REALLY into it. I decided to snap a few pics for you to see. Yes, he is literally holding his breath while 'swimming' the breast stroke. I told him, "I am pretty sure it is safe to aren't underwater."

Then he played the indoor cycling competition:

Literally sweating! Goodness....I just love this man!

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kimbasa said...

LOL- that's what i do playing mario kart!!! hold my breath and sweat...and usually say foul things...grrr...i'm ALWAYS last! grrr! you should get the mario/sonic olympics- it's pretty fun too- i'm going early tomorrow to see if i can get a wii fit at best buy! ;)