Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yep...can you believe it?

...I know....I know....what you are thinking...Love actually started a blog! Kim go ahead and knock it off your list!  Actually we figured it would be the easiest way to keep up with all our stateside family and friends, since most people don't have MySpace accounts (I am a bit bored with it actually)

May I just begin with Elijah's first sleepover last night!  Goodness gracious is all I could say last night.  He earned a sleepover with two of his friends.  I figured it was a great way for Elijah to experience siblings, because that is as close as he is going to get here in Japan!  I was in a house with a 9 year old boy and 2 six year old boys for 16 hours.  The four of us played Wii from 9pm to 11:45pm! Actually I played for an hour with then and Eddie called (he is TDY) so I voluntarily stopped and let them go at it.  I had to shut the operation down at 11:45pm....against MUCH protest!

Anyhow I popped popcorn...Oh wait!  That was the most fun thing of the evening.  As a teacher I am amazed at how many children have NEVER seen popcorn pop outside of a microwave bag.  I mean that is the ONLY way I pop popcorn at home.....FOR REAL!  It taste so much better....hmmm the air feeling with the sweet aroma of freshly, popped popcorn and real, hot, melted butter (I didn't say it was healthy ....just tasted better) I showed our guests how popcorn pops and explained to them why it pops.  So many teachable moments huh?

The boys grabbed sleeping bags and watched The Incredible Hulk movie. gave me time to have my quiet time!  They went to sleep circa 2:30am...once again under protest:( 

It was a really good night actually.  Those boys are really well-behaved kiddos and Elijah was overly excited to have friends spending the night!  


Jaime said...

Yeah Love... I'm so excited! And...I am a popcorn lover myself.. don't make it any other way. I have a cuisinart popper now and it's the coolest thing.

kimbasa said...

OH MY WORD! I AM WICKED EXCITED THAT YOU ARE BLOGGING!!!!!!! (do the all caps remind you of Kathy...aka Kit Kat) LOL

Polly said...

Hey Lovie, Glad everything went well with boys. Hey you know why we always did our own popcorn when you were little, CHEAP. You can make alot of popcorn with real popcorn compared to microwave. And I cant believe you have me blogging, the things you teach your old MOM.

lance said...

Love! You started a blog! That's awesome!