Saturday, August 30, 2008

So much FUN!

So anyone that has a Wii can totally understand this!

Before we left Phoenix, AZ we grew really close to Kim and Derrick Logan..Oh how I miss their faces!  She was prego and just the happiest pregger EVER!  Anywho we usually played Wii together (the 4 of us) while Elijah watched the million Disney movies Kim owns. 

We always (for real ALWAYS) hung over their house --- we lived in an apartment and the free space was pretty limited!  ha ha ha..... ohh good times!  Eddie and Derrick played Madden late into the wee hours of the morning...Kim and I usually fell asleep on the couch!  Ok, ok long story short.......both couples have Mario Kart Wii and we played online last night together...while talking on the phone.  It was the best time!  It was so funny, thrilling, and relaxing.  I just love them it's 3...Lil Jude arrived while we were here:(  Oh I am so sad about not being able to at least hold him for a second as an infant!  

We definitely gotta get back to Phoenix to relive old times!  

P.S. We are up for a game anytime long as Derrick gives every other play a CHANCE!  

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kimbasa said...

aww- i heart you guys! i just am the SUCKIEST player alive...for real- i about flew through the roof anytime i'd NOT be in last place...only to have love or eddie bump me or squash me...or pass me w/o me even knowing! gr. even when i take the "shortcuts" - i still lose...and for some reason, it wouldn't give me the stupid bullet!!! gr. :)

it MAY need to become our fri night ritual!